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Gotcha bitch tip toeing on my marble flo’!!! Sick ass custom Prada boots! Miuccia you RULE!!! Thank you

Rihanna posted a photo of herself in a new pair of Prada thigh high boots, a thong and her cascading tresses. Yes, that’s where the itemized list of Rihanna’s clothing begins and ends.  In her defense, in order to truly show off these unique boots, one needed to be naked or close to it, right? The boots have an interesting S&M quality to them, with a belt attached to the boots by garters. Don’t get me wrong, these boots are very sexy and I guess Rihanna only knew one way to show them off!

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Ri Ri’s exposed bum isn’t new, hell, it’s hardly news, but when a celebrity of her caliber shares something so…private, it makes you wonder why? As soon as I saw the photo, I felt sad for Rihanna. Her actions of that of a “basic” chick and she’s a Pop icon.

I understand that she’s one of the most fascinating women on the planet and everything she does is a trend that she’s certainly the one setting, but the sadness I feel for her is palpable. I wonder if she feels that she has to expose herself to us so that we continue to care about her.

Here’s what some of her fans (or haters–either way, they commented on Instagram) had to say about the image:

“Okay just cause she’s a celebrity deoesn’t make it okay to not have any class.”


“No class and no ass”

“Omg Ri Ri…what would gran gran say…No sweetheart, this is too much. Don’t gain misrepresentation abt yourself. <3 ya. No offense just need u to understsand. You’re too pretty for these type of shots of you. Save all your goodies for your husband”

“There ain’t nothin’ sexy or appealing about a chick smokin’ blunts & pullin’ her ass out here for everyone to see. @badgalriri is tacky. #NoDoubt”

Rihanna’s Instagram antics are the epitome of why Black folks have the largest presence on social media. Her life is a conflict. She constantly wants to shout about her privacy and her life not being “Nobody’s Business,” but she keeps herself in the headlines by posting intriguing photos nonstop. Love her or hate her, I know I’m watching, but I’m not happy about it.

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