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“Girl Rising” is a new film that tells the stories of nine girls in countries from Haiti to Nepal, who fought for their chance to go to school in spite of extreme poverty, natural disasters and forced labor. Narrated by Hollywood heavyweights like Alicia Keys, Kerry Washington and Anna Hathaway, “Girls Rising” is an in-depth and very personal take on education of women around the country. Malala Yousafzai is a 15-year-old Pakistani education activist who recently was released from the hospital after being shot by members of the Taliban for simply wanting to learn.

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The film’s producer, Martha Adams carefully hand-picked each girl they’d be following and paired them with writers from their countries in order to fully tell their stories. These girls are all like Yousafzai–all they seek is education, but they live in countries where there’s an education barrier. The Daily Beast is reporting that the creators of “Girl Rising” weren’t trying to create a film about a bunch of sob stories from unique heroes, but instead focus on the girls who struggle to bypass said barriers in order to learn and how common this sad truth is. “Girl Rising” is a goosebump-inducing tale that’s sure to uplift and enlighten.

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