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This week on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the ladies jetted off to Los Angeles to visit Nene and see how she was adjusting to her new “Hollywood Lifestyle.” This time, the girls promised each other that it would be an official girls weekend, with no men involved and hopefully no drama. Of course, whenever these ladies got together, drama was never too far behind. Things got crazy right from the start and the drama seemed to follow them from the very moment they stepped off the plane until the end of the episode. Check out the recap inside.

Tardy For The Party

Nene and Gregg were super excited for the girls to come to LA. Nene decided to rent a vacation home for the ladies to stay in since she definitely wasn’t feeling the idea of having them stay at her home. Hollywood much? When the ladies landed in LA, they met up with Nene so she could show them the lavish vacation home that she rented for them, and also stunt on everybody’s life real quick.  The girls were already exhausted from their five hour flight from Atlanta, but Nene had a great evening planned for them which included a dinner party at her house. Nene went all out for the occasion and hired a catering company to ensure that the ladies had a great time. Nene’s new lifestyle must have given her amnesia, because she definitely forgot that these girls tend to run on “CP Time” as they were never on time for anything. The dinner was supposed to start at 9pm but the girls didn’t arrive at Nene’s house until it was close to midnight! Nene met the girls in her driveway and told them to turn right back around. She felt very disrespected that the girls didn’t have the decency to show up on time. After a lot of apologizing and Kandi begging and pleading for a doggie bag, Gregg decided to bring the girls a “t0-go” plate which only consisted of cheese and crackers from the appetizer tray! Needless to say, everybody was furious, and the girls ended up leaving and going to Fat Burger for a nutritious meal of greasy burgers and fries.

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