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The Prototype:

Our instructor for the course:

God she’s gorgeous. That girl with the flowing tresses, coke bottle figure and flawlessly painted face. She’s surrounded by women who can’t look away and men who don’t want to miss a glimpse. She’s the Kim Kardashian of the room. I’m pretty, but not quite like her.

More importantly, she fits the prototype of the kind of girl rappers seek as arm candy. She’s the girl whose life will probably be cushioned by lavish living because of her high cheek bones, curvy silhouette and racially ambiguous tan.

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The mold shapes some young women’s mentality and thirst for a “fancier” lifestyle, like the ones we’ve seen portrayed right in front of our eyes. Somewhere along the way, one exotic woman became the look and we’ve been adhering to the standard ever since.

This isn’t hate, although I’m sure many will label it as such. We’ve just found ourselves questioning why all celebrity’s girlfriends all look the same? Was there a class we missed? an online course with detailed instructions on how to be video shoot ready at all times?

If you don’t believe that these glamorous gals all share similar qualities, keep clicking!

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