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It was a warm day on the beach, the kind of day befit for a ride on a private yacht. A sun kissed Kimbella, in her bright orange bathing suit, laid between the legs of her rapper boyfriend/baby’s father–Juelz Santana and snapped a picture for her Instagram followers to adore. Little did she know she was about to be in the center of what we’re calling Bush Gate!

The vixen, who has been featured in several music videos and “Love & Hip Hop” appeared to have a bountiful bush poking from the top of the panty line. Oh lawd. How embarrassing! After a flurry of “WTF” comments beneath what would have been a totally cute flick, she removed the visuals and replaced it with this:

Well, it turns out (should you choose to believe it or not) that the black hair-like substance doing it’s best to catch some sun, is actually her tattoo:

There is a lesson to be learned ladies. Tattoos by the vagina can either be very sexy or very NOT sexy!

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