Satirical paper, The Onion took to Twitter to express their disdain for 9-year-old Oscar nominee, Quvenzhane Wallis. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read a tweet from The Onion about the adorable young starlet. Now don’t get me wrong, while I understand The Onion’s humor is satire, Quvenzhane is a CHILD and there’s a certain level of respect that should come along with that.

Check out the hurtful tweet here:

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The Onion has since deleted the tweet, so you know what that means–they have taken responsibility for being reckless. Now let’s just wait and see what type of damage control they will do.

The lovable little girl who played “Hushpuppy” in “Beasts Of The Southern Wild” was a heavy topic of conversation because she’s the youngest nominee for a leading role ever, her beautiful name is a mouthful and she’s perfectly sassy. She’s quickly becoming America’s sweetheart, so to see a publication tweet such harsh words against her, perplexes us. There’s absolutely NOTHING Quvenzhane could have said that would warrant this type of harsh humor towards her. She’s 9! Where does The Onion draw the line?

Here are some of the reactions to The Onion’s tweet:

What do you beauties think about The Onion’s Tweet?

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