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Her name may be a mouthful, but Louisiana native, Quvenzhané Wallis should be a household name before we know it. The nine-year-old star caught most of our attention as Hushpuppy in Beasts Of The Southern Wild. Her performance in this beautiful fantasy drama has scored the young starlet an Oscar nomination for Best Actress and has caused her to go down in the history books as the youngest nominee for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Beasts is also nominated for four other Oscars–Best Picture, Directing and Writing.

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#TeamBeautiful is so proud of the young ingenue and we want to know more about her. This is only the start for Quvenzhané, so expect to see her sweet little face a whole lot more!

Check out the things that you may not have known about the talented young star:

  1. Her name means “fairy” in Swahili. The “Qu” in her name are for her mom and sister, the “ven” is for her two brothers and her father and the “Zhané” part is “fairy.”
  2. She loves animation movies.
  3. Her friends call her Nazie and Little Q.
  4. The audition for Beasts Of The Southern Wild was for six-to-nine year-olds and Quvenzhané was five when she auditioned. Her mother told a little white lie about her age so that she could audition.
  5. She’s never acted before auditioning for this role.
  6. When Quvenzhané felt tired on the set, the crew would give her a pizza party to re-energize her.
  7. She had to learn what an Oscar was, she called them “Golden Men.”
  8. She wants to be a dentist to see people smile.
  9. She is similar to her character Hushpuppy because they both have animals and love to explore the world in adventures.

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