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Somewhere in a small section of hair hell, weaves and half wigs are looking up to us naturalistas wondering where it all went wrong. No longer just the thing to do, going or being natural is officially a revolution that’s being televised, documented, discussed and most importantly embraced.

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So when I see my fellow beauty editors out at events, and we’re all sporting our fros and twist outs, my soul gets a little warm on the inside. Before I even began writing, please believe that I was checking for Julee Wilson. As the style and beauty editor for Huffington Post Black Voices, she interviewed me for a few of her beyond amazing feature stories. I instantly wanted to be her homie… and that we are.

So I returned the favor and decided to get her to drop a few hair gems for you beauties. Believe it or not, most natural girls didn’t always love their curls and are still figuring out how to solve a bad hair day.

Check out what Julee thinks about her curls now and what products she uses to tame those gorgeous tresses of hers!

HelloBeautiful: Have you always loved your hair?

Julee Wilson: Sadly, I haven’t. Which is probably why my hair was in such a deep depression. I only relaxed my hair for two years (when I was 12 and 13-years-old), but I’ve only really embraced my curls for the past three or four years. I always considered myself natural, but I constantly straightened my hair with heat. Although I still straighten my hair from time to time, I now consider myself CURL CRAZY!

HB: What’s your bad hair day solution? 

JW: I love using a scarf to tie my hair up into a super-chic turban. It’s a protective style and fashion statement all-in-one!

HB: Do you have any really horrible hair moments?

JW: The time one of my braided extensions fell out in the pool while I was on vacation with my family. I was 13-years-old at the time and it happened right in front of this super cute boy I was trying to impress with my killer backstroke. Naturally I was horrified and I don’t think he was impressed. #fail

HB: Give our naturalistas your best tips for natural hair. 

JW: I subscribe to the notion that there are no rules. Since we all have different hair textures, lengths and temperments I hesitate to suggest do’s and don’ts. You just need to get to know your mane—treat her good and she’ll do the same for you. Trust me–I pulled mine out of a seriously deep depression and now we’re best of friends!

Check out a few of Julee’s must-have hair products!

Huffington Post Style & Beauty Editor’s Hair Must-Haves
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