HB: What is your favorite product from the new line?

MA: The 10-In-1 Styles Gelée. It’s a cross between a gel and pomade. I shampoo and condition my hair with Dark & Lovely and then I bantu knot my hair so that I don’t have to put heat on it by blow drying it. Sometimes I leave it in overnight, but when I take my hair out it will still have its natural wave. It’s really easy to use, I rub the gel in my hands and just finger it though. Works like a charm and the style lasts a really long time.

HB: What are five products that you can’t live without?

MA: Whew, obviously Dark & Lovely! But I also do a lot of the DIY home remedies. I’ll take the Aloe Vera oil, the Gelée and maybe mix it with a Mango bar. But that’s what I love about this product. Dark & Lovely really took notes on what all the natural girls have been saying for years.

HB: What do you do on a bad hair day?

MA: I might put a hat on. I may attempt to brush it through and put it in a bun. But if I have on a giant hat, you know it was a bad, or long, night and I didn’t do my overnight hair routine.

HB: What are your thoughts on being curly versus straight or even protective styling?

MA: I’m in a different position because I work so much. I am not opposed to weaves. I don’t want to use a lot of heat on my hair when the client wants a particular curl that I’m not gonna get from my natural hair. If they want it to shine a bit more, I might need some heat. So I am not opposed to someone putting a sew in on the side. I am still a purist at heart because my hair is still being protected. I think people need to change their outlook. How pure are you if you are damaging your hair? Don’t be afraid of protecting your hair.

HB: What is your favorite natural hair style to rock?

MA: Just letting it out and being free!

So #TeamNatural, have you tried the new Dark & Lovely Au Naturale? What products are you swooning for?

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