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Marsha Ambrosius co-hosted Dark and Lovely’s Au Naturale special launch and CURL POWER CELEBRATION, and of course #TeamBeautiful was on hand to chat about her fabulous natural curls. She dished on her overnight hair routine, what she does for a bad hair day, and says that you should be empowered by your natural curls. Check out the interview below.

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HelloBeautiful: How long have you been natural and was it a tough transition for you?

Marsha Ambrosius: I went natural in 2000. Then I relaxed my hair again for a small stint back in ’07. Then at the end of ’08, I was back to natural again. I literally cut off all my hair and started fresh. For me, I have always loved my hair. I’ve been in love with my fro from the very beginning. I’ve posted Instagram pics of my childhood hairstyle versus my adult styles, and I haven’t changed a bit. Whether it’s a part on the side or in the middle, I’ve been the same chick. The journey for me has been just acknowledging that you can be you. There’s so many fads and styles that can you fall into, but there’s nothing better than when you get compliments on your natural hair. Or when someone sees you and says “I love your curls.” I’m like, yeah because no one else can have this. These are MY curls. And that’s empowering!

HB: Why did you relax your hair after being natural for so long?

MA: It was just a different look and a convenience. I was going on vacation to Orlando with my family and I knew I was doing a lot of water themed parks. I thought it was going to be easier, but it wasn’t. I still had to worry about my hair. Whether you are natural or relaxed it’s still maintenance involved. Don’t be afraid of your own hair! You can still go straight if you’re curly, you just have to use good products–like Dark & Lovely.

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