HB: How did your chopped & screwed intro make you feel?

WR: I didn’t say all of that at the same time. How it really went was, I slept with some of these guys, I worked with some of these guys, I’ve been in situations when I’ve been around the wives, the baby’s mothers, the girlfriends and side pieces. I did sleep with some of them. When you work in this industry this is your life, this is your lifestyle. When you’re in the studio all times of night and you’re a nice looking female, these guys are going to approach you. I’m not a bad looking girl and these black guys are super attracted to Spanish women. My whole thing is, if I don’t tell you, they’re going to find out anyway.

HB: Your book touches on you slept with, tell us about it.

WR: The book is about my experiences in the music industry, whether it was a job experience or me in the middle of a domestic violence situation. It isn’t just I slept with him, I slept with him or he’s wack in bed. For me it’s for the girls who watch “Love & Hip Hop” and watch music videos and see the nice cars and jewelery. That’s what your seeing but know what goes on behind the scenes. This is what I went through and I’m not ashamed of what I did, but there are things I would have done differently. You cant question what I did, the question should be does she continue to do this and the answer is I don’t because I’m older now. I want young ladies to know you don;t have to just be a girlfriend or a video girl!

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