HelloBeautiful: We want to give you the chance to reintroduce yourself because your introduction on the show was less than flattering…

Winter Ramos: It’s so funny because that introduction happened over a course of four different interviews. I grew up in Brooklyn so I came up under Junior Mafia, Big and Puff and seeing that expand to what it was. I wanted to be apart of it but I didn’t know where to fit in, in the industry. As time went by I started to meet new people and I met a woman who was styling for Foxy and it was something I was really interested in. I knew a guy named Ben 10, who was the head of marketing at Murder Inc. He offered me a position styling for Irv, Ashanti an Ja Rule. There came a moment when the money wasn’t consistent so I needed something that would bring in a check every week. Fab’s manager called me, I knew him from the neighborhood, and he asked me if I would be interested in being their assistant. It was something that was only supposed to be a couple of weeks and ended up being three years long. It was a great experience. It was definitely something I was good at. After that, I fell in love and moved to Miami where I was born and decided to try to find work. I started working at Slip N’ Slide records, I was the assistant to Ted Lucas–The CEO. The label had kinda fallen back from putting out music after Trina left. Gutta, Rule’s manager, hit me up one day and was like do you want to do costume design? I worked for Flava Unit.

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