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#TeamBeautiful hasn’t been this excited about “American Idol” since Fantasia’s big toe made an appearance in the Hollywood rounds. No one has been exciting enough– who actually had a lick of talent– to keep us interested until now. 20-year-old Zoanette Johnson breathed new life into “Idol” and made fans out of watchers, including Nicki, when she popped a squat like Lil Kim on national TV. (Missed that, click here) You wouldn’t believe the emotions we felt when she belted out a high note like Mariah, twirled her fingers like the “Fantasy” singer then pointed at her like she did her a favor.

Zoanette’s first audition was an indicator of the cookiness to come, but no one expected for her to play the drums for her next “Idol” showing. Snatching a page of out Sheila E’s book, crumbling it them eating it–Zoanette played her original tune (the one she made up few minutes before) while showing off her percussion skills as she beat all hell out of her instrument.

By the graces of God, charisma and a voice, Zoanette progressed, once again, and we have this funky feeling she is going to make it all the way to the end! We’ve learned some interesting things about the Oklahoma native these last two weeks. Allow pictures to tell the story:

She writes her own music and plays the drums

She adores jazz music, can’t you tell by the title her song “Ba Bah Da Da”

She’s a bit temperamental


But only because she’s passionate about her music

She’s an engaging performer

And does her own makeup like Beyonce!

She’s a team player and can perform in heels

She stands out amongst the crowd

She snores like the best of us

Her voice is like a Sunday morning church service

She’s confident in the looks department

She doesn’t do well with country music

Watch her perform with the “Poohsnaps”

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