19-year-old Zoanette Johnson, from Tulsa Oklahoma, may quite possibly be the greatest “American Idol” contestant to ever audition in the history of the talent show. Why, you ask? Becacuse Zoanette isn’t amazingly gorgeous or slender in size. She isn’t a carbon-copy of a Beyonce-wanna-be and between her yellow blazer, brown furrah, pink blouse, shorts and red boots, she clearly isn’t that fashion savvy. But Zoanette has all the personality in the world! And somehow that won her a gold ticket to Hollywood week.  We can’t wait to see what kind of stunts she pulls in the group rounds.

We can’t stop laughing at this today! Check out these 19 moments that left us rolling on the floor with laughter. (For a better laugh, watch the performance at the bottom of the page first.)

When she shook her booty for Nicki

Then gave Ryan this uncomfortable bear hug

Oops. She forgot the words to the national anthem

And Keith Urban fell

And she made the “my n***a” face

Then pulled off this avant-garde pose

Before impersonating Mariah

Mariah felt like this

And Zoanette responded like this

Can’t forget her Fantasia face

Or when she kicked her leg like this

Or did this Beyonce “Single Ladies” pose

Then did the bogle

And pulled a Lil Kim…

Randy was shocked

But she still won the golden ticket

And the person she came with celebrated with her!

“Are you not yet entertained?”

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