Nicki Minaj recently snapped a photo of her booty that sent the Internet into a frenzy! Posing poolside, in an itty-bitty green bikini, Nicki made every man’s fantasy come true as she gave a full back shot (pun intended) revealing all of her booty in a thong! We’ve never had a full on shot of the goods (without much clothing) until now and even though we’re all super elated to see the goods, we’re not really sure why it happened.

Because I wasn’t too positive why Nicki’s booty was on my screen, I went to check her Twitter account to check it out. Low and behold! There’s something going on, on there. Nicki has tons of naked people in her twitpic section. I kept searching until I found a tweet that made sense of the nudity and then… ah hah! Nicki Minaj is all about promoting a healthy body image so she started a contest to give away money for “vagday” to her sexiest barb and ken!

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