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Lil Wayne leans over the edge of his floating bed, that is the size of a piece of displaced ship wreck. A women, who has been swimming in a dark body of water surrounding the sack, reaches for his lips. There are some more females in the area engaging in girl-on-girl action. Another barely covered vixen joins him on his mattress. To think, Lil Wayne has a daughter…

We’ve had this conversation before. Lil Wayne is no stranger to being criticized for his misogynistic lyrics and antics. In fact, most recently, the “She Will” rapper made news for this downright offensive reference: “Beat that p***y up like Emmett Till” in his song “Karate Chop.” Everyone from Emmett Till’s family to Stevie Wonder expressed sheer disgust. That seems to be Wayne’s M.O though. Looking on the outside in, he’s just doesn’t give too many f***s about what he puts out into the world, who could be listening or who he offends.

His latest video “Love Me” is an unabashed reminder of what Weezy thinks of women. Clearly, in his mind, we are there to please him. This is obvious through such lines as “Like a b***h with no a** you ain’t got s**t.” Because clearly unless your backside is protruding you serve him and the rest of the world no purpose. And sometimes because of that factor, he sells himself short. “Love Me” could have been his comeback track. It’s actually good minus the astronomical amount of times he says “b****s.” But we’ll never pay attention to the song now that he released the accompanying visuals that boast: women serpents, ladies in cages, females who lick themselves like cats a vixen licking a straight razor, large butterflies that cover most of the faces of several models and an eerie chick with a face gate. It is littered with Illuminati images and creepy devilish nods.

More than offensive, the clip is simply awkward and over the top.

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