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Justin Timberlake released the video for his comeback jazzy hit, “Suit & Tie” ft. Jay-Z. As expected, the video is in black and white–a classic look, swathed in smoke. Justin plays the part of a lounge performer, dressed in–guess what? A suit and tie! *GASP* The video is mainly what we saw in their Grammy performance, yet entertaining.

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The video is visually appealing, so I figured I’d deliver it to you in the best moments caught in a snapshots, which actually led to me delivering my own storyline. Check out my funny rendition below:

Justin looks over to his bed and there’s already a mystery woman in it.

Naturally [insert sarcasm] Justin kicks the woman out of the bed and gets his boys to roll him to the set of his video.

And it’s showtime! Here’s Justin–showing us a “few things.”

Then he slipped on the stage…

Justin was mad about the slip earlier at the set, so he came home to eat cereal…

…With Jay-Z (who told him to get his ass back to the video set)

So Justin puts his slippery shoes back on and brought his boys along to make sure he didn’t slip this time.

It works. He doesn’t slip.

So he shows off with some Michael Jackson dance moves.

What’s wrong Justin?

Oh, the mystery woman’s back.

Uh oh. Now Jay-Z’s concerned.

Oh God, they’re multiplying!

Oh so now she’s trying to steal the show?

Good thing Gangsta Jay-Z’s here to save the day!

Justin shows Jay his appreciation.

Then Miguel shows up and jumps for joy!

Then Jay shows Justin “how to do this son.”

But the woman’s back and she’s doing Beyonce’s moves to show Jay he doesn’t intimidate her.

Justin then does a rain dance to get rid of the woman.

She’s gone, so Justin jumps for joy kinda like Miguel did earlier.

Too bad Justin didn’t know the woman LOVES rain.

Well played woman. Well played.

Woman-1. Justin-0. She wins!

Check Out The Video Here:

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