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The 55th Annual Grammys coverage may have focused heavily on Chris Brown as Rihanna’s date, or the fact that Breezy didn’t stand and applaud his rival, Frank Ocean’s win and Beyonce’s pantsuit, but that’s not all of what’s in the headlines for the music-focused awards show. It seems Adele and Kelly Clarkson’s weight is also a heavy topic; pun intended.

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Fox News’ Neil Cavuto wanted to address all the critics who had something to say about Adele and Kelly’s weight via Twitter because of their appearances on The Grammys.

When asked if the two songstresses were too fat, the nutritionist responded, “If you walked into any doctor’s office, he would take your BMI (Body Mass Index) and anything over 25 would be considered overweight and unhealthy. You’d be at risk for certain health issues like diabetes and blood pressure. These are young women, what I’m saying is–had they addressed these issues in their lives…” She was then cut off by Cavuto calling the nutritionist “almost too thin,” taking on a defensive stance against the nutritionist who thinks America perpetuates unhealthy lifestyles by glorifying women like Adele and Kelly Clarkson.

Wow, really? Both the nutritionist and the host have opinions which are limited. Because the nutritionist comes on, explaining why Kelly and Adele are fat and how bad that is for our society, Cavuto doesn’t do any better by calling them “fatter than normal.”

One thing I can agree with is when Cavuto said, “What is wrong with people shattering images of you having to have a certain look?”

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