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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words Vanilla Cookie Dough, Flowering Tonka or Oud? I’m pretty sure you, like me don’t think of these as names for a perfume, but the creator of Demeter Fragrances ($12-29, Demeter thinks these and the over 250 unique fragrances and their names within it’s library is perfectly normal.

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Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 4.04.13 PMHaving heard of this brand over the years, I admittedly stayed away because I simply didn’t understand the brand and wondered why someone would want to walk around smelling like Pruning Shears – a Summer 2013 launch by the way. I can see your brows furrowing now!

Fragrances have the power to make us feel and believe certain things about ourselves and they even transport our minds to a moment in time that make us happy inside. So for those of you who like the smell of rice, there’s a fragrance with your name on it – Rice Paddy – a blend of green shoots, rice & water – very Zen.

Recently, I spent some time with the owner of Demeter at a Duane Reade Boutique in New York City and I got a crash course on  his single note fragrances that are inspired by everyday objects, experiences while they highlight & isolate beautiful scents that surround us everyday, in wearable formats.

After losing myself in the tutorial for a bit, I finally remembered that I was to have a custom scent made for me that very day. After answering a few key questions like “do I like sweet vs. sour” or “do I like the smell of linen of particular fruits,” the four scents that I ended up with were Hello Kitty, Freesia, Barbados Cherry and Baby Powder and here’s why: Hello Kitty because it’s somewhat sweet and it sends me back to my childhood, Barbados Cherry because I love sweet-smelling fruits, Freesia because it has a clean, refreshing scent and Baby Powder because this scent is soothing to me. I’m a convert! I wear all four fragrances or one of them almost everyday.

If you can get past the funny names then I think you’d do good to pick up your own Demeter fragrance.


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