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It’s really beneficial to be in people’s good graces as a person in general, but it’s even more beneficial when you’re a celebrity. Cause when you go out in a really crappy outfit, people are less inclined to slam your look because you’re so well-received by your audience in general.

Take Nia Long, for example. She’s really adorable and everyone loves her for no real reason at all. She’s just cute and able to stay out of media beef and negative paparazzi eye. So even though I really hate what she’s wearing, I kind of feel bad saying so. But I do. I really do hate it. She’s just heading to a restaurant and minding her own business, but what would GLAM OR GROSS? be without commentary?

What do you think of her look? Be honest – if anyone else wore this, you’d say, “…ill.” And is it just me, or does it kind of remind you of Fantasia’s airport outfit?

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