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“What really concerns me is the ingredients of the discourse. The African-American community … where is that community? Where is that voice? I think the black community, the black leadership need to stir it up,” Harry Belafonte recently said at a speaking engagement at the Rhode Island School of Design. The legendary actor and activist is seemingly always underwhelmed with the inaction of Black people when it comes time to care about various social issues.

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With the increase of public shootings, i.e. Arizona, Newtown and Colorado, Belafonte claims the discussion surrounding these tragic events doesn’t ever include African-American leaders, even though many shootings occur in urban areas. Belafonte’s activist-loving ways didn’t stop his rant at gun violence, he thinks Black people should be a lot more involved in civil rights.

Reportedly, Belafonte said, “What I find missing mostly in the American discourse is the rejection of radical thought. They (national leaders) speak within the same dull space they inherited from past oppressors.”

Belafonte is no stranger to voicing his disappointment in his people for their lack of involvement. Even Beyonce isn’t even exempt. The 85-year-old activist wants Black people to be radical and use these thoughts to combat poverty, violence and inequality.

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