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The Las Vegas Academy is a magnet school that specializes in performing arts. A teacher at the school asked his students to write a paper, perform a skit or recite a first person narrative, demonstrating their knowledge in American history. Two bold students chose to dress in KKK robes for their presentation and the teacher allowed it.

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I am open-minded and understand the authenticity the robes may have brought the students’ project, but wearing those hoods outside of the safe confines of their classroom is what caused the commotion. A photograph was taken and according to the Huffington Post, letters from concerned parents started pouring in.

What’s crazy is that this teacher will not be facing any type of disciplinary action–not even a slap on the wrist! Maybe it was because many students, parents and teachers alike stood behind the educator and suggested that he was simply doing his job. Officials are saying that teacher had to be reminded of the policy to notify the school of “potentially controversial lessons.”

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