When I came across, I thought it was a total joke. However, pantyhose for men, or “mantyhose,” are a serious thing these days. The site talks about how men should be allowed to wear pantyhose just like women, what kind of tights one should buy for the best fit, and how to put your mantyhose on properly.

Thing is though, it’s not that men AREN’T allowed to wear pantyhose….they just look stupid. Even if women wear pantyhose with anything but skirts or dresses, they look stupid, too. That’s just how pantyhose work. So putting a pair on under your cargo shorts doesn’t make you look like you’re bucking the system…they just make you look like a complete and total fool.

How would you feel if your dude came home rocking a pair of mantyhose? Check out the gallery below for more mantyhose images, courtesy of

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