During the afterglow of the Golden Globes, Best Song winner Adele (Skyfall) opened up about being a new mom and revealed that those sad song days are over. “It’s my first night out since I had my child and my inspiration normally comes from heart break, but I don’t think I am going to have be devastated again,” Adele told reporters.

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The British singer gained fame in the U.S. with two solid albums, 19 and 21both of which are true testaments of heartbreak the young songstress went through in a relationship that is no longer. From “Right As Rain” to “Someone Like You,” Adele has this way of taking anything you’ve ever experienced in a relationship and documenting it to a melody–sort of like Mary J. Blige.

We all know what happened to Mary’s record sales once she stopped being a tortured artist and started being happy. Yeah, we hope the new mom doesn’t suffer in the same way for being happy.

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“I have eczema from boiling bottles!”Adele admitted of caring for her first-born with boyfriend Simon Konecki. Guess that’s the one solid piece of drama Adele has to pull from for her newest album–itchy skin. While I’m very glad Adele won’t be experiencing the same kind of sadness that would have her proclaim, “I best tidy up my head I’m the only one…in love. I’m the only one in love” anymore, but will she succeed in bliss?

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