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Way back when, before three doctors created the AspireAssist Aspiration Therapy System that literally sucks the fat out of your belly and before cosmetic surgery became so common it’s advertised in grocery stores, a black woman’s crowning glory was her curves. When Pam Grier’s burnt orange jumpsuit cascaded down her brown body, revealing large unaltered breasts, a slim waist and curvy hips as she seductively undressed in “Coffy,” men rejoiced and reacted with awe. But it seems that now, the reaction to a linear silhouette elicits that same response.

There are limited black roles on the big screen and even less on television. Kerry Washington, Meagan Good and Jennifer Hudson are the select few who have broken through to the mainstream with leading roles in major TV productions, but at what price? Skin, flab, fat? More importantly, when accepting any role one must remember the inheritance of the other, more profound role…role model. It is apart of being famous, so when these ladies drop tens or hundreds of pounds to perhaps be more socially accepted, what message does it send to little black girls?

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