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Try not to giggle in response to Gabourey Sidibe’s hearty and infectious laugh. I dare you! The bubbly breakout star of 2009’s Precious is the antithesis to the title character we were introduced to her through. She’s hilarious, lively, flirty and just plain fun.

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As I dialed the number I was given to reach the in-demand starlet, I was nervous. I never get nervous, but there was something about Gabby that I wanted to connect to. It could have been the fact the both of us shared a double digit dress size or maybe it was the fact that almost 10 years prior, as fate would have it, I pretended to the the Pip to her street-performing mother, acting as Gladys Knight in the heart of Times Square. Our small connections made me want her and I to become fast friends.

The way our conversation flowed, it felt that my secret wish was coming true. Gabby was 100% candid, insightful and friendly. I didn’t want the conversation to end, but while I had her, I figured I’d give her HB’s 5-Star Treatment.

Through promoting her latest, Yelling To The Sky, to bragging about filming a new project with Angela Bassett, Gabby obliged my five minutes of true friendship.

*If I was stranded on a desert island I’d bring…I’d bring my iPod, ’cause I can’t live, I can’t think, I can’t do anything without music. I would bring an erotic book. Because I enjoy those! [laughs] And I think I would bring one person, my friend Xosha Roquemore, she‘s an actress herself and she is so hilarious. We always entertain each other.

 **How do you express your love…I say I love you a lot. I show you my love. I don’t have to say it, like that’s weird. I definitely show it a lot. I check in with people all the time. I’m a very good listener. That’s how I show my love. What we really all want is to be heard and so I think a good way of showing your love is by listening.

*** The best way to get over a breakup…The number one thing I’d do is not listen to Adele. I love Adele, but I don’t wanna be sad. So I don’t listen to sad songs that remind me of a relationship. And I go out with my friends. I do have one night to like, sulk and all the things, like wanna rip his clothes and all of that. And then the next day I get over it. And I count my blessings for him not being in my life.

**** The one thing that I don’t like about myself…I doubt myself a lot. I wish that I didn’t so much. I wish that I would just listen to my first instincts more.

*****What was your last moment of lust…I guess I’d have to say, oh my gosh, I was watching the movie Pride yesterday with my friends and the Terrence Howard movie with Bernie Mac and it was about the swim team; all those like fine black men getting in and out of the water, that was my last moment of lust–yesterday around 4 pm.

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