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I always hope that one day I can write something awesome about Azealia Banks (like… her album just went gold or something), but she proves me wrong constantly. We all know how much ammunition can be fired in just 140 characters, and it seems that it might be time for Azealia’s PR to press the delete switch on her Twitter account.

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A twitter beef that originally started between newcomer rap artist Angel Haze and Azealia (who use to be buddies) somehow spilled over to Perez Hilton’s timeline and all twitter hell broke beyond completely loose Friday evening. Perez chimed in, siding with Haze using words like “thirsty,” “pathetic,” and “hurtful” to describe Banks’ music and actions.

Here’s the tweet that lead all of my timeline in a huge debut over slurs and such:

Of course Azealia has since been deleted that tweet but her feelings for the blogger celebrity haven’t changed. She went on to say:

It’s always a double edged sword to catch these twitter beefs in action as they are both entertaining and disheartening. But Azealia brings up a very good point about the music industry and our fascination with words like the ni**a and fag*ot. Where is the line we draw for these words that can often be used in a context of hate? Is it fair to say that it’s acceptable to use in music but not in our daily conversation.

Thoughts? Chime in below!

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