Being a female rapper must be hard. You have to be on your p’s and q’s at all times and look attractive while doing it. Not to mention, stay on top of the charts and remain relevant in a male dominated industry. So far Nicki Minaj has done an amazing job at keeping her brand alive but as we know, in having it all, one area will suffer and for Nicki it’s her street cred. It has been questioned ever since Nicki tip-toed on the pop line. But the entertainer was more concerned that her role as judge on “American Idol” would affect the already dwindling hood card. The “Beez In The Trap” rapper says in the latest issue of HollywoodReporter:

“sometimes you are afraid of being too famous because it’s almost, like, is that even cool? Being that accessible, someone you see on TV every week? I never pictured myself as that type of person. I’m still surprised that I decided to do it.”

In defense of Nicki’s image, Idol exec Warwick said:

“Everyone thought she was just a daft, half-educated rapper. But she has got a heart, and it’s starting to show, along with her intelligence, which threw some of us as well. And her eloquence and her grasp of what’s going on. I think she’ll surprise a lot of people.”

Well I know they don’t expect the little black girl to be intelligent but geez, why can’t she be just as smart as everyone else? Nicki will make her debut on season January 16th!

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