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I’m glad you were intrigued enough by our headline and clicked even though it might sound like foreign language to you. But it’s true. You ever wonder why your hair doesn’t quite lay the way you want when you leave the hair salon but looks amazing after a week. Because dirty hair is really better. Here’s four reasons why you should skip a few shampoos.

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1.) Much easier to style

Freshly washed and dried hair will notoriously slip right out of hair pins and tends to get real brand new on you when you’re attempting to do a updo. Your hair will last much longer if you wait a few days after your shampoo before you style it.

2.) Keeps your color longer

Over-washing your hair tends to dull your color out and can lead to more frequent and costly trips to your salon. Keep your tresses looking bright and fresh by only washing it once a week and using a shampoo formulated for color-treated hair.

3.) Get healthier hair

Instead of washing your hair try co-washing or find a good dry shampoo as an alternative. This way you are not stripping your hair of their natural oils leaving your hair less than lustrous.

4.) Time saved

God bless you beauties who wash your hair daily. But you should really stop. By cutting back on your wash and dry time you could add a few extra minutes of sleep or make your boo some breakfast. Which will lead to a much more pleasant you!

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