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Its kinda crazy to me that people constantly comment on how young I look. For 36-years-old I look and feel better than I’ve felt my entire life. I’ve loved and lost and loved some more. (I’m currently in love today although that could change tomorrow.) I’ve made the best set of friends a girl could ask for. I’ve had a child that is growing into an amazing young man, a man I am proud of. And now I’m embarking on my next journey — my ode to Carrie Bradshaw as a writer in The Big Apple. And you know what’s best about all of the above, I have not a single regret.

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So the new year is upon us. You’ve got only a few days to change your thoughts and your actions for an awesome start to your 2013. I’m sharing my basics life tips that I guarantee will keep you looking fly and young… just like me.

1. DRINK WATER. This is a no brainer. People ask me how I keep my skin smooth and clear. One, its just my genetics. Sorry! Even the adult acne my mother thinks she has is just one pimple. Two, I don’t put too much fuss in it. I feel like some people do all this skincare, try a trillion products and still end up with acne.

2. Be nice to people. — Not sure if you know about her, that nasty girl we call karma, but she’s a b*tch. Excuse my french. It costs you nothing to unfrown your face and give a smile when greeting someone. Or say good morning to a stranger. Don’t worry, I’m working on this one myself. But seriously guys, being “stank” and always being a “Debbie Downer” gets you absolutely no where. And you never know who’s watching you and your funky little attitude.

3. Live Love Laugh. Most over used quote to date in my book. But it’s so true. Even though I don’t always laugh at “his” jokes I still smile. Even though I argue and fight with my friends and family I will always love them. Remember the great times you have with people and let that be the catalyst to building great relationships. Don’t focus on the bad days. They will only last as long as you allow them to.

4. Do all the things you want to do while you’re living. Can I share something with you? I was scared completely out of my mind to move my entire life to New York and follow my dreams of writing. But my fear of regret is much greater. At 35, what was I waiting for?! Life will have pasted me by while I’m singing a bunch of shoulda-coulda-woulda songs. So I moved. Guess what else. I gonna keep doing things that make me happy no matter what ANYONE else thinks. WHY because they make me happy, duh!

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