First Lady Michelle Obama embraces President Barack Obama. Tweeted by the POTUS after the 2012 election was called. (Photo courtesy: NewsOne)

Have you noticed how America is so captivated by the Obama’s? I confess, I’m a part of those statistics as well. It truly warms my heart to see such a compassioniate, loyal love story right before my eyes. President Obama is the ultimate care taker, while our first lady, Michelle is the bonding glue that holds their family together. It’s like a pact was made between the two–never shy away from showing that love on camera. Committing to always show us that black love still exists and can rule the free world.

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On a special edition of “Nightline, Barbara Walters sat down with the enviable couple and chatted about the iconic imagery they’ve created, how The White House The People’s House decorates for the holidays, and how they’ve managed to keep the fire hot and steamy after 20 years of marriage.

There were quite a few moments of this interview where I closed my eyes and prayed that I was Barbara Walters for two seconds, while other times I was sincerely grateful that I knew what this kind of love meant and I believed in it. But when Barbara asked President Obama why he held his wife so long during that iconic photo and he replied, “Cause I love my wife”, I do believe my heart melted as if someone had just throw it on hot popcorn.

Watch the video below and swoon over their love yourself!

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