Chances are, if you’ve been to a Big Sean concert or passed by him in the club, there’s a pretty and petite girl by his side. The youthful and quiet woman is his girlfriend. I’ve met her on several occasions and she’s as sweet as they come. There’s not many rappers, we can think of, that openly rep their girlfriends and even further than that, actually stay faithful to them. But, Big Sean is the exception to the rule! He’s been with his lovely beau since High School and held onto her ever since!

Despite his misogynistic lyrics, he’s a good guy! During a recent interview with Angie Martinez, Sean–real name Sean Michael Anderson– described his love for Ashley. “I got somebody special. I ain’t just out here ratchet running through all of these little h*s after the shows. I got something special,” he explained before describing how they met. “The girl that I’m real serious with is the girl I had a crush on since I was 15.  So now I got her, eventually. I always tried to get at her and she had a boyfriend. I had a girlfriend too, but I was running wild back then. One day, I said ‘You got to stop playing and hop on this. What’s up?!’  I said that in so many words. So she was like ‘Man you are crazy,’ so I took her out everyday for like a week.”

Sean recently cried on stage during one of his performances. Clearly, he is a sensitive guy. And we, at HelloBeautiful, love a man who isn’t afraid to shed a tear.

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