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Finally we’ve come to an end of this season of “Basketball Wives: LA.” Through all the ups and downs and straight ratchetness, the girls finally seemed to have an understanding of each other, even though they still wanted to rip each other’s head off. Check out some of the highlights below.

Who Shouldn’t Return?

John Salley asked the unthinkable last night, “Which basketball wife should not return next season?” Of course, all of their ladies had their personal vendetta against a specific girl and would love to see the day when they got the boot from the cast. Bambi, who was doing the absolute most to secure her spot on the cast next season, stated that she wanted both of the Govans gone, while Gloria wanted to give Malaysia the boot only for Malaysia to gladly return the favor. Brooke and Laura (and about half of America) wanted Bambi gone and Jackie surprisingly wanted herself to leave because she felt that the girls would be happier if she wasn’t there. I don’t think that’s 100% true but apparently this question is irrelevant because it doesn’t look like any of the girls are going anywhere.

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Bambi Explained Her Concern For Laura And Jackie’s Friendship

One subject that has been plaguing everyone, all season long, was Bambi’s strong interest in Jackie and Laura’s “friendship” or lack thereof. When Bambi finally had a chance to explain herself, she said that she was concerned about the way Laura treated Jackie because if she treated Jackie that way then she would treat her bestie Malaysia the same way. Interesting..

Jackie’s Daughter

Of course, Jackie’s daughter Chantel was brought up into the conversation and Laura actually apologized to Jackie for going behind her back with malicious intent and speaking to her daughter without her knowledge. All of the other wives seemed to really have an issue with Laura speaking to Chantel, especially since they were mothers themselves. After speaking to Chantel, Laura stated that she learned a lot about herself as a mother, daughter and friend, and was truly sorry for her actions and thanked both Jackie and Chantel for teaching her that lesson.

Miami x LA

To close this reunion special, the ladies were asked if they had a chance to switch any of their cast members with any of the Miami cast members, who would they chose. Draya and Malaysia expressed that they wanted to get rid of the Govans for Jen and Ev while Jackie said that she would send herself to Miami so that she and Ev could run Miami together (oh Jackie). Gloria said that she wouldn’t bring any of the Miami cast members to LA (for obvious reasons) and only keep her and her sister. I, for one, would love to see the Basketball Wives Miami X LA!

Check out some of the highlights below:

What did you think of this season?

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