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I guess it’s true what they say, the stress you feel on the inside has a way of showing up on the outside – case in point, my pimpled friend that’s been taking up precious real estate on my chin.

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Since a yoga session for relaxation doesn’t fit into my hectic schedule and I’m not very good at meditating to calm down my thoughts, I’ll work on zapping this zit from the outside with Peter Thomas Roth’s NEW Therapeutic Sulfur Masque ($40,

Earlier this year, amid other bloggers in a beautiful showroom with breakfast for a king laid out, were PTR’s other amazing products lining the wall. We were there to see the unveiling of this Sulfur Masque among other launches.

I first used PTR as an esthetician and became a die-hard fan within days because of the results I saw not just on my clients, but on myself. PTR’s NEW Therapeutic Sulfur Masque has been around for years, but just recently the scent was changed from a more medicinal scent to a far more pleasant, less pungent one that makes it easier to keep this on your face for the required 5-10 minutes.

To prep my face for my heavy duty masque treatment, I did little more than wash and dry it. My goal with this treatment was not only to absorb the oil living within my unsightly pimple, it was also to manage the excess oil on the rest of my face as well as prevent any future breakouts.

Note: You can also use this mask on your chest and back if those areas have an acne breakout.

Of the many active ingredients in this product, most notable are kaolin – the clay that helps heal blemishes and inflammations & bentonite which absorbs toxins and impurities.

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Once my 10 minutes was up, I promptly washed and dried my face. What I noticed about 30 minutes later was that my complexion had no oily residue and it felt smooth because the dead skin had been exfoliated away. It’ll take some time to treat my pimple, but at least the rest of my face got a well-deserved treatment–a treatment that I’ll repeat 2-3 times a week as suggested.

PTR’s NEW Therapeutic Sulfur Masque is a great treatment product – one that will always be a go-to, but I think I need pay my dermatologist a visit for a hydrocortisone shot to treat my pimple quickly. Forgive me, I’m a little impatient.


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