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It’s been a long and ratchet year, full of great reality television equipped with fights, break ups, make ups and a little love sprinkled here and there. Since 2012 is sadly coming to a close, we’ve provided you with a complete wrap up to some of the best and worst moments of our favorite television shows. Brace yourselves..

BBW Miami

Evelyn Throws A Bottle At Kenya’s Head  

We all know that Evelyn is known for throwing things, i.e. drinks, punches, etc. but on this season of “Basketball Wives,” Evelyn got so mad at the newest cast member Kenya that she threw a whole bottle at her head! Luckily for Kenya (and Ev) the bottle hit the wall instead. Ev eventually apologized to Kenya but the world will never let Evelyn in a room full of liquor bottles again. SMH

Tami Bullies Kesha In Tahiti

While on the annual girl’s trip to  Tahiti, Tami insisted on messing with Kesha until she apologized to her for “talking” about her behind her back. While the ladies were at lunch, Tami confronted Kesha and attempted to force her to apologize. Kesha was obviously intimated by Tami’s tone and got up and walked away from the table to avoid any physical fights. Sadly, the fight didn’t end there as Tami bullied poor Kesha to the point where she was in tears and left Tahiti early to go back to Miami!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Lil Scrappy Put The Paws On Stevie J

After Stevie J disrespected Erica Dixon a.k.a the mother of Lil Scrappy’s child and called her out of her name, Scrappy was in full on attack mode. Scrappy didn’t give Stevie a chance to explain himself before Joseline jumped in the argument and attacked Erica, claiming that she and Stevie had a secret relationship. Before we could blink twice, Scrappy and Stevie J were wrestling each other on the ground while Joseline and Erica were punching each other. It took security and all of the camera crew to break up the fight, and in the end we weren’t too sure who actually put the paws on whom, but one thing that we did knew for sure was that it went down!

Joseline & Stevie J & Mimi Love Triangle

The love triangle between Stevie J, Joseline and Mimi was undoubtedly the most talked about situation in all of 2012.  Stevie J. made it clear that he had feelings for both his girlfriend/baby’s mother Mimi and his artist/mistress Joseline and Joseline had no problem letting everyone know that she was proud to be on Stevie J’s arm and didn’t care who else he was messing with as long as she got her check. Between counseling sessions, Stevie J wiping sweat off of Joseline’s nose in front of Mimi’s face and Joseline’s pregnancy and abortion, it was enough to drive any woman crazy!

“Basketball Wives LA”

Brooke and Jackie’s Big Fight

Newcomer Brooke Bailey joined the cast of “Basketball Wives: LA” and jumped right in the midst of drama. A couple of episodes into the season, she let Jackie Christie know that she is not one to be messed with! The two ladies started a small argument that escalated into a huge, full on altercation and we were all sitting right there with front row seats (pop corn and soda in tow)! In typical “Basketball Wives” fashion, later in the season, Jackie and Brooke squashed their beef over lunch and vowed that they would remain cool, at least for the time being.

Laura Meets With Jackie’s Daughter, Chantal

Laura Govan was at her wits end with Jackie Christie, especially after watching the abuse that she endured from Jackie during last season. Since Jackie was trying to hard to become the girls’ friend again, Laura made it her mission to repay her for all of the stress she put her through. When Jackie confided in the other girls that she was having problems with her daughters, Laura volunteered to talk one on one with Jackie’s daughter to hear her side of the story. When Laura finally met with Jackie’s daughter Chantal, the conversation was mind-blowing. Chantal revealed that Jackie treated Chantal and her older sister differently because they were two different complexions, and favored her over her older sister because she was lighter! We all knew Jackie Christie was a little crazy, but was she crazy enough to treat her daughters that way? SMH

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“Tamar & Vince”

Big Blowup in Hawaii

Tamar and Vince took us deeper into their lives with their spinoff show, “Tamar & Vince” and aside from Tamar’s antics, we saw Tamar and Vince at each other’s throats in almost every episode! When Tamar and Vince went to Hawaii with their close friends, LaShawn and April, they got into one of the biggest fights ever, which ended with Vince storming off and Tamar in tears. Apparently, Vince was still angry about Tamar leaving him alone for a few hours when he was sick in the hospital last year, and Tamar felt that Vince was jealous that she could do some things that he couldn’t do anymore, like drinking. After a huge blow up and intervention from LaShawn and April, Tamar and Vince finally got their acts together and were able to end their fight and enjoy the rest of their vacation. Thank God!

Debut of “Love & War”

Aside from all of their fights on this season, Tamar actually worked very hard on her music, and on the season finale, she finally released and performed her number one single, “Love and War” for the very first time. She showed the world that she truly was a superstar, and had the vocals and talent to prove it! All of the fighting and hard work on the new single was definitely worth it, because when Tamar hit the stage and sung her single for the audience, she massacred it! She, me, her had finally arrived!

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“The Braxtons”

Trina & Gabe Renewed Their Vows in St. Lucia

We’ve all seen the troubled relationship of Trina and Gabe throughout this past season of “The Braxtons” that almost ended in divorce. But, Trina had a change of heart toward her husband this season and decided to forgive him and take him back to try and repair their broken relationship. While the whole family was in St. Lucia for Toni’s performance, Trina decided to bring Gabe, who surprised her with the idea of renewing their vows! Although the family wasn’t too excited that Trina was taking Gabe back, they were happy that Trina was happy, and was there to support her during the ceremony.

Tamar Freezes Her Eggs

Tamar and Vince were planning to have children, eventually. Since Tamar was concentrating on her career, she knew that she wasn’t ready to get pregnant and have a child at the moment, but knew that one day she would be ready so she decided to pop her eggs in the freezer (lol) so that when she and Vince were ready to start a new family, they could! “Now, I have five beautiful children in the freezer,” Tamar told her family.

“T.I & Tiny: The Family Hustle”

Shekinah’s Etiquette Classes– If you’ve been keeping up with “T.I & Tiny: The Family Hustle” then you know that Tiny’s BFF, Shekinah, definitely needed a lesson or two in etiquette. Eventually, Tiny got tired of Shekinah’s rude outbursts and decided that if she was going to continue to hang around her in professional settings that she needed a lesson in manners. Tiny took Shekinah to her very first etiquette class where Shekinah told the instructor that she wanted to be white! Hilarious! After a long session, Shekinah finally learned how to think before she spoke, and Tiny felt confident enough to give Shekinah her own segment on Tiny’s new late night talk show.

Major’s First Day Of School- The youngest of the Harris clan, Major, was ready to start preschool and the whole family was excited for him, after all, this would be Major’s first big milestone in his four year old life. When Tiny and Tip dropped Major off on his first day of preschool, it was obvious that he wasn’t feeling it all at first because he held onto his parents for dear life so they wouldn’t leave him! They decided to stay around and play with him a little bit to ease his nerves, and of course, all of the kids immediately fell in love with Major! Tip said, “this is the just the beginning. Only 14 more years of this to go!”

“Chrissy & Mr Jones”

Chrissy & Jimmy Get It Right– It was a short run, but good none-the-less. Chrissy and Jim Jones allowed the world to peek into their relationship this year, with the airing of their reality show “Chrissy & Mr Jones.” We witnessed the couple go through the trials and tribulations associated with love. We got to know some new characters including the unforgettable Paulina and newcomer Talia. We watched Chrissy, Emily and Paulina venture into new territory with the launch of their leather jacket line Cisum Couture. Though Jimmy and Chrissy didn’t tie the knot, we know they love each other!

Can’t wait to see what the world of reality television will bring us in 2013!

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