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It’s not surprising that the people behind the superstars we celebrate are equally as talented. Celebrities like Rihanna’s star shines so bright, it’s rare to think about the people that make her “happen.” Songwriter, Sia Furler is one of those people. As one of the people behind Rihanna’s 12th #1, “Diamonds,” the Australian singer/songwriter took to the stage at the Norweigan-American Achievement Awards to allow folks to hear what it sounds like to truly “shine bright like a diamond.”

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Check out the video of Sia Singing “Diamonds”

What’s funny is that you can hear Sia’s accent when she sings this song and Rihanna’s version has that same twang. It’s almost like Rihanna tried to imitate Sia’s personal sound when recording “Diamonds.” That makes me giggle.

I remember first hearing “Diamonds” and thinking Rihanna had yet another hit on her hands and because it was the first cut from Unapologetic, I figured Rihanna was adopting a new signature sound or at least an interesting way of singing. Little did I know she was just following Sia’s voal lead. “Diamonds” is one of Rihanna’s catchiest songs to date and that’s saying a lot, considering I can’t get most of Rihanna’s tunes out of my head.

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