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Soft and thick. Two things women base their hair purchase off of! Wagman’s Superior Natural Curly hair embodies the essential qualities for a full, flowing head of gorgeous tresses! How do I know? Maybe because I currently have two bundles of the product installed! Don’t believe me, check out this video!

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Tips from Wagman’s Social Media Coordinator on choosing fine hair:

-Before purchasing hair we suggest talking with friends & family for hair company referrals as they are great sources of firsthand knowledge & experience!

I like to look at Virgin hair as an investment. Non-Virgin, low quality hair from your local beauty supply store costs anywhere from $10-$100 per pack & the quality doesn’t necessarily increase with the price. These packs of hair aren’t reusable, as the wefts are usually thin & weak; this hair also does not last very long. I prefer to invest a flat $130-$180 per bundle (equal to a pack of hair) with Wagman’s Virgin hair because I know it’s very high quality, long lasting, versatile Virgin Remy hair. Why invest in the rest when you can invest in the best!

-Since Virgin hair is an investment, we definitely like our potential customers to do their research on hair companies – the Internet is really a great tool for this. Check out YouTube hair reviews, there are plenty of them. Also, look for hair company websites & their social media pages; see if they are open about their products & whether or not they stand behind their hair 100%. As the Social Media Coordinator for Wagman’s, I always make our customer feedback/testimonials visible to our customers – I answer questions about Virgin hair openly and honestly.

-When you make an investment in a company, you want to know that the brand is reputable & personable – we are both & so much more! Check us out on Facebook, Twitter & most recently on Instagram; we are fortunate enough to have a crowd of over 40,000 Virgin hair lovers rockin’ with us on social media & they have no problem telling it like it is when it comes to our company!! Join our community, become a part of our interaction & get a better feel for our brand through our customers’ eyes! It’s easy, just Google us, baby!

Visit Wagman Hair, here.

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