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Jocelyn Elyse- Superior Natural Curly 12/16

There’s nothing quite like getting your hair done… Whether it is a short cut, a wash and set or a brand new weave, something about it just boosts your confidence straight through the roof. I can personally tell you there is nothing better than a fresh bundle of tracks! What’s a bundle? Pay attention…

Weaving has come such a long way from back in the day when you used to gel down your edges to blend it with beauty supply store hair. Now, you can have an entire head of tresses without even exposing your own. Hair that used to last two weeks then stiffen upon the third now lasts 6 months to a year…and flows like silk the entire time. That’s what we’re here to talk about.

I know your mother told you there is no such thing as good hair but any hair that doesn’t come from your scalp and last that long, is good great hair my friend!

Good hair, the kind you don’t find in a beauty store is expensive but worth it. Remy, Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian and Peruvian hair is costly but worth every penny! And when I say Indian and Brazilian hair, I mean unprocessed hair straight from the heads of women in those countries. You’re able to wash it, curl it, straighten it, pin it, stick it and cut it like it’s streaming straight from your crown. Now-a-days, you can order hair from the any and everywhere but only the elite provide hair that does what I listed above. Wagman is one of those places that sells quality hair and provident clients with an array of services.

We caught up with Jocelyn Elyse, the Social Media Coordinator of Wagman, who explained the entire weaving process and why you should choose Wagman over every other brand!

How did Wagman come about?

The business was started in 1912 to process hair for brushes and other industrial products. The second generation expanded into human hair weaves and wigs.

SUPERIOR Virgin Remy Indian

SUPERIOR Virgin Remy Indian

How long have you worked with Virgin hair?

I’ve been with the company as the Social media Coordinator since January of this year. In this position, I’ve had the opportunity to get a more hands on feel for the different types of Virgin hair patterns that exist in this industry. Overall, I have been a Virgin hair lover and wearer for about three years. Prior to that, I was an avid beauty supply store addict & wasted so much time and money investing in low quality human hair. The extensions would, on average, only last me about two weeks & then I would find myself right back in the store, spending double the money on “higher” quality brands that were, in actuality, never comparable to Virgin Remy hair. When it got to the point where all of the local beauty supply store employees started learning my name, I realized that I needed to step my hair game up & out of those stores! I did my research on different Virgin hair vendors & happened upon the best hair company in the business: Wagman ;-)! I’ve been a repeat customer ever since. I am definitely getting my money’s worth with our Virgin Remy hair. It has lasted through numerous installs, various cut/color and styling jobs & still looks just as great as the first day I purchased it!

What is virgin hair?

This is a very common question–a lot of our first time customers ask this! Virgin human hair is unprocessed hair, meaning it has no chemicals added to it prior to being sold. It’s 100% human hair (as in NO synthetic strands). Since Virgin hair is literally cut from a donor’s hair & completely unprocessed, no two bundles are ever exactly identical. Wagman’s Virgin hair has tapered ends and is sold in loose/bulk (for braiding) or wefted (for sew installs) bundles. Virgin hair is really popular because of its versatility and longevity. Since it is 100% Remy human hair, it’s absolutely fab and blends with various natural hair textures!

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How should one go about purchasing virgin hair?

Before purchasing hair we suggest talking with friends & family for hair company referrals as they are great sources of firsthand knowledge & experience!

I like to look at Virgin hair as an investment. Non-Virgin, low quality hair from your local beauty supply store costs anywhere from $10-$100 per pack & the quality doesn’t necessarily increase with the price. These packs of hair aren’t reusable, as the wefts are usually thin & weak; this hair also does not last very long. I prefer to invest a flat $130-$180 per bundle (equal to a pack of hair) with Wagman’s Virgin hair because I know it’s very high quality, long lasting, versatile Virgin Remy hair. Why invest in the rest when you can invest in the best!

Since Virgin hair is an investment, we definitely like our potential customers to do their research on hair companies – the Internet is really a great tool for this. Check out YouTube hair reviews, there are plenty of them. Also, look for hair company websites & their social media pages; see if they are open about their products & whether or not they stand behind their hair 100%. As the Social Media Coordinator for Wagman’s, I always make our customer feedback/testimonials visible to our customers – I answer questions about Virgin hair openly and honestly. When you make an investment in a company, you want to know that the brand is reputable & personable – we are both & so much more! Check us out on Facebook, Twitter & most recently on Instagram; we are fortunate enough to have a crowd of over 40,000 Virgin hair lovers rockin’ with us on social media & they have no problem telling it like it is when it comes to our company!! Join our community, become a part of our interaction & get a better feel for our brand through our customers’ eyes! It’s easy, just Google us, baby!

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Perfectress® Premium Bulk and Wefted 100% Indian Human Hair:Natural Color

Perfectress® Premium Bulk and Wefted 100% Indian Human Hair:Natural Color

How known is the company? (Any celeb clientele?)

I personally believe that we are pretty well known. Wagman has a good reputation because most of our new customers are referred to us by our regular customers. We actually offer a credit to our regular customers who love us so much that they recommend us to another! We also work closely with a number of celebrities & their stylists even though we do not use celebrity endorsements. Celebrity stylists shop with us because they have heard highly of our brand and know we will keep their purchases private; confidentiality is always key with Wagman hair. Rather than paying to have a celebrity endorsement, we chose to endorse a cause. Wagman hair is joining in the battle against Cancer by teaming up with “Hair’s a Cure,” which is an organization whose objective is to support and educate African American women and men who have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

How long does your virgin hair last?

Wagman hair, on average lasts approximately a year, when properly taken care of. It isn’t uncommon though, for us to receive calls, emails & social media testimonials from customers who have been rockin’ the same Wagman hair for years on end! I have personally had Wagman hair that has lasted me well over six installs; I’ve also received pictures of our customers still rockin’ hair that they purchased from us in 2006. I’m sure our hair can last forever and a day, literally!

Where does the hair come from?

The hair comes directly from our suppliers in India and China. Our owner frequently travels back & forth to these countries to ensure that the suppliers continue to stock us with the most consistent, highest quality Virgin Remy hair on the market. We value our customer feedback tremendously & because we are such a hands on company, with the manufacturers, we are able to ensure that the hair our customers receive is top notch.

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How hard as a black woman is it to work in the hair weaving business?

It’s not hard at all! Seriously, I’m obsessed with hair–I love being able to talk with our clients and let them know the truth behind how great a quality of hair we offer at Wagman’s. I am not only the Social Media Coordinator for Wagman Hair, I am also a customer, therefore, I know what our clients want & need. Believe me, I have literally, taken my lunch hour to purchase Virgin hair from our customer service representatives!

RAW Virgin Remi Indian 100% Human Hair-Wefted

RAW Virgin Remi Indian 100% Human Hair-Wefted

Do you wear your product?

Of course I wear Wagman’s, I am #TeamWags 100% of the time! Lol! I am rockin’ our Superior Natural Curly Indian Remy in my picture and I absolutely love it! I’ve worn Wagman’s Virgin hair and have received nothing but compliments. It’s very versatile – I can go from curly to straight to wavy in minutes. I’ve dyed/colored the hair with no issue & even had it reinstalled numerous times! It looks natural & blends well with my natural, untreated hair. I wouldn’t feel comfortable endorsing a product that I don’t personally support. I find myself watching our customer reviews on YouTube to learn how to work my Wagman hair in new styles!! Those ladies taught me how to flexi rod & I must say, I’m a pro at it thanks to them, I love our customers!

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Products available at Wagman?

• Superior Virgin Remi 100% Indian Hair Wefts and Bulk/Loose, Patterns-Natural Curly, Enhanced Curly and Natural Straight/Wavy

• Raw Virgin Remi 100% Human Hair-Wefts, Patterns- Natural Curly, Enhanced Curly and Natural Straight/Wavy

• Perfectress Remi Indian Hair Wefts & Bulk/Loose-Relaxed Straight, Natural Body, Body Wave, French Body Wave, Curly Wave, Euro Curl, Deep Curl

• Perfectress Closures 2” x 3”, Patterns-Relaxed Straight, Natural Body, French Body Wave, Curly Wave, Deep Curl

• Perfectress Weftops 3” x 4”, Patterns-Relaxed Straight, Natural Body, French Body Wave, Curly Wave, Deep Curl

• Perfectress Lacefront Partials, 12” hair, 15” x 4.5”, 1.77 ounces

• Perfectress Hair Care Products and Tools

Your favorite virgin hair texture?

My favorite texture is our Superior Natural Curly & Natural Straight/Wavy Indian Remy hair; it blends perfectly with my hair and has just the right amount of luster and shine without looking “unbeweavably” fake! I mentioned to her that my hair was a sew in & she couldn’t believe it. A random lady sitting at the next table yelled, “I can’t believe it either!” Haha, needless to say, my Wagman hair carries me a long way!!

Visit Wagman Hair, here.

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Stay tuned for our video review of Wagman’s Superior Natural Curly hair…

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