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The release of Rihanna‘s song “Nobody’s Business” featuring Chris Brown prompted an hour-long debate in the office. While some people just can’t forgive Brown for the domestic violence incident that occurred in 2009, others feel as though if Rihanna can forgive him, so can we. I personally feel that people can grow and even though Chris has clear anger issues, he can change.

Ugh, call me optimistic, call me naive, but I’m human and I understand that people make mistakes and you can’t let your past define you…especially when you’re only 24-years-old (which I am). I’ll be damned if I let anything especially the media kept me from the man that keeps my heart pumping. Rihanna, if you’re reading this, I don’t like the song, but you are entitled to be with whomever you wish and declare that love in any manner you please! Besides, only Rihanna can live her life, why would she want to live it the way we choose?

So without further ado, press play:

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