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Hey beauties! You know we are all about the new and hottest in beauty here at HB. So I totally did a long confused head tilt when I read about this new nail service.

Meet Similar to sites like RentTheRunway and BagBorrowAndSteal, Lacquerous let’s you borrow designer nail polish instead of buying it. After creating your lust list of polish selections, for $18 a month you will receive three shades from luxury brands like Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford, NARS and more.

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The nail polish hoarder inside of me just doesn’t get it. Join. Select. Rock it. Send Back. Send back, really!? So once I’ve fallen in love with Tom Ford’s seductive plum polish (affectionately named Bitter Bi*ch), they are trusting and truly expecting me to re-package it barely used and return it–insert head tilt.

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Considering that most luxury nail polishes cost between $18-45, perhaps on the short-term thought of this you are savings a few dollars. But the entire joy of doing your own manicure, or taking your own nail polish to your salon, is that it’s your own polish. I mean maybe it’s me, but I wanna line my polishes in neat lines on my dresser and spend an hour or so making the decision on what the polish of the week will be.

For the new self manicurist, this idea may be great for you. Get familiar with what brands you love and have the ability to say never mind on that bottle if you like. Sort of the Netflix of nail polish, if you will. I guess?!


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