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On last night’s episode of “Tamar & Vince” or should I say, Tamar vs. Vince, we dug deeper into lives of the Herbert’s as Tamar “got her life” while singing the national anthem at a Howard University football game and accompanied Vincent “Thee Herbert” on his trip to London to visit Lady Gaga. Of course, drama erupted when Tamar started to “pop off at the mouth” as usual, but in the end, they came together and fell back in love all over again. Check out some of last night’s highlights below.

Tamar Sings The National Anthem At Howard University

It looked like Tamar was really starting to establish herself as an artist. She was scheduled to perform the National Anthem at the Howard University football game and couldn’t have been more excited and nervous at the same time. Since Vince’s health was doing better, he was able to travel more and was right by his wife’s side for her big performance. Although she was nervous when she first arrived at the stadium, as soon as she walked out onto the field she felt like she was in her element and killed her performance! Those Braxton girls sure can SANG!

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Vince and Tamar’s big fight in London 

After Tamar’s performance of the National Anthem, it was time to head to London to visit Lady Gaga. Tamar and Vince were excited that they had a change to finally be able to take a real vacation together, and even though Vince was in London for work, they still found some time to play. They went sight seeing and enjoyed each other’s company and it looked like things with the couple were getting back to normal, almost… In the midst of the couple’s day out together, Vince received a phone call concerning his friend’s health. Tamar became concerned, and when she asked Vince what was the problem? Vince got upset and snapped at her. He completely forgot everything he learned in therapy at that very moment because he continued to argue with Tamar while she tried her best to not say anything to upset him more. The argument escalated and their day out in London was ruined, and ended with Tamar wanting to go home and Vince hopping in the car and going back to the hotel alone. I guess that means no dinner plans for the evening.

Kiss and make up

After the big blow out, Tamar and Vince went their separate ways for the night but met for breakfast in the morning. Vince apologized for acting that way towards Tamar and it looked like all was well with the couple, at least for the time being. Finally, it was time to do what they actually came to London for and that was to attend Lady Gaga’s concert. With all of the stress and drama that they endured throughout their trip so far, they ended up missing Lady Gaga’s performance since she had to head to the next city right after she walked off stage! Overall, the trip to London was a success and Tamar and Vince finally got to vacation alone together

Therapy Session

After they returned home from London, Vince and Tamar had another therapy session. They discussed their big fall-out in London and Vince told the therapist that if Tamar didn’t do what she did and acted the way that she acted then he wouldn’t have to shut down. As therapy continued, Vince apparently had enough because he pretended like he was sleeping while Tamar and the therapist were talking! Okay, maybe therapy wasn’t working for the couple as well as we thought!

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