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I can barely stop my fingers from shaking. The 2012 Presidential Election was nerve-racking to say the least, but President Obama brought home the gold! We have officially re-elected President Obama in his second term. And while that deserves a celebration, there are women who are also running things in United States.

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According to Huffington Post, there are currently a record number of 17 female U.S. senators!  And there’s reports that there will be 20 out of 100 in the 113th Congress. Girls really are running the world!

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Check out this list of women who won–including the first ever openly gay female senator (Tammy Baldwin)!

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1. Elizabeth Warren (Democrat-Mass.)

2. Claire McCaskill (Democrat-Missouri)

3. Debbie Stabenow (Democrat-Michigan)

4. Kathleen Kane (Democrat-Attorney General)

5. Mazie Hirono (Democrat-Hawaii)

6. Dianne Feinstein (Democrat-California)

7. Amy Klobuchar (Democrat-Minnesota)

8. Maria Cantwell (Democrat-Washington)

9. Maggie Hassan (Democrat-New Hampshire Governor)

10. Tammy Baldwin (Democrat-Wisconsin)

11. Deb Fischer(Republican-Nebraska)

12. Kirsten Gillibrand (Democrat-New York)

13. Tammy Duckworth (Democrat-Illinois)

14. Heidi Heitkamp (Democrat-North Dakota)

Check for the FULL LIST of women winners here.

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