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What happens when Cee-Lo sees you driving ’round town with a girl he loves? Allegedly, he does a lot more than sing, “F*** You!” According to TMZ, “The Voice” judge and Hip-Hop singer, Cee-Lo has been charged with sexual battery in L.A., but denies the charges.

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The woman accusing him claims that she and Green were having an intimate encounter at an L.A. restaurant when things got physical between the two. Ceel-Lo told TMZ, “Nothing ever happened there or anywhere else.” He claims that he hasn’t even been to the restaurant the young lady is talking about in three months!

I am a big Cee-Lo fan. Loved him since his Goodie Mob days and even though he often looks as if he’s scheming, I find it very difficult to imagine him assaulting a woman. Cee-Lo loves the ladies and makes it obvious if you watch “The Voice” because he flirts with every pretty young thing that picks up the mic. But that does not make Cee-Lo a criminal.

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TMZ even tracked down Goodie Mob member Big Gipp, who came to Cee-Lo’s defense, “I have never seen Cee-Lo act in a physical way toward anybody.” I do not condone violence against women in any way, but there are a lot of opportunists out there, lusting for fame and will do anything to get them there. Just saying. I’m definitely #TeamCeeLo


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