Stop-dead-in-your-tracks-fine. Check. Career-driven and passionate. Check and check. Knows how to let loose and have fun. Check. Lance Gross is seriously an archetypal boyfriend in my head.

I love a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s one of those grown a** men who still gets a kick out of dressing up as someone else for a night. You would think because it’s his job to be someone else every time he gets to work, pretending with the rest of the world for one night wouldn’t be exciting. But it is.

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Lance loves Halloween and recently chatted with us about his favorite costume, his sweet tooth and how he used to go bag snatching as a kid.

Check out Lance’s Halloween memories below.

HelloBeautiful: Do you have anything planned for Halloween?

Lance Gross: I love Halloween. I love to hit the haunted houses. So I’ll be in L.A., hitting the haunted houses and Halloween parties. I don’t know. It’s just fun for me.

HelloBeautiful: What was your favorite costume?

Lance Gross: I’m always some variation of a thug. One year I dressed up like I was the missing member of NWA. I had the Jheri curl. I went to a party and I made sure I kept it wet. So I had a spray bottle of water and I would just fling it and make sure the water would come out of the Jheri curl. [laughs] My sweatshirt was soaked at the end of the night.

HelloBeautiful: Hilarious! Was it authentic Jheri curl juice?

Lance Gross: Nah. It was like water mixed with olive oil.

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HelloBeautiful: Authentic. I like that. What is your favorite Halloween memory?

Lance Gross: Um, I don’t know. I grew up as a bad kid, so we used to go bag snatching in Oakland. I think the year we stopped–I actually can’t tell that story. Nevermind. [laughs]

HelloBeautiful: I hear you’re a candy lover. Do you go Trick or Treating?

Lance Gross: Oh yeah, I’ve got a sweet tooth.

I had to hang up with Lance before I got myself into some type of (not so) innocent trouble. Are you a Halloween lover? Will you be dressing up this year?

Make sure you go check out Lance Gross in “The Last Fall” in theaters today!

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