There’s just something about Lance Gross that makes you cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s in a almost desperate attempt to get his attention. He’s like that swagged out dude on campus that you know is out of your league, but you give him a bright smile every time you spot him on the yard on your way to class and when you get there you spend the first five minutes of class in giggly girl talk about how fine he is. Yes, I’m speaking from experience.

Outside of Gross’ award winning role of Calvin Payne in “Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne,” he’s an aspiring director with his finger on the pulse of voyeurism. He’s fueling his climbing passion as a director by working as a photographer during his free time. And it’s with his stunning photos that he shares his vision of beauty with the world.

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“I just find women beautiful,” you can hear the smile in Lance’s voice as he continues, “I’m attracted to women. So it’s just different from woman to woman. It could be one woman’s eyes. It could be her lips. It could be anything. I just love women,” Lance’s words made me clutch the phone against my ear harder, pretending they were pearls.

His love is apparent from the roles that he plays on screen and off. As a man, he’s compassionate, gives back and as an artist he’s vulnerable, honest and endearing–all facets of love that like you, I’m familiar with when I stare at that delicious chunk of dark chocolate man.

As the star of “The Last Fall–“ in theaters this Friday, Lance opened up about his role in the film as a fallen NFL player, what he loves most about being a photographer and reminisces on his worst kiss.

HelloBeautiful: Tell us more about your character in “The Last Fall.”

Lance Gross: I play the role of Kyle Bishop. He was just recently cut from his NFL team, so he has to return home to a normal life where everybody has the assumption that he’s well off, because he’s been in the NFL. But in reality, that isn’t the case. I like to call this film a love story. It’s about a man’s love for football, his passion for football, his love for his family and his first love-his high-school sweetheart.

HelloBeautiful: Have you ever had to return home to live with your parents like your character? What are some words of advice that you can give to people that have had to do this?

Lance Gross: I’ve never had to deal with that. But that’s been my biggest fear. Especially when I first started off. I went to Howard University, majored in film production and minored in acting. My parents weren’t too supportive of that. They wanted me to be an accountant or work in business. So I had to talk them into being comfortable with that. It was my biggest fear to disappoint them, and come home and let them know that this acting career didn’t work. So I felt it was my duty to work as hard as I possibly could to make it in this industry. And to anyone out there, I just feel like you get what you work for. You have to put in the work, no matter what industry you’re in. You have to work hard every day. You have to set goals, accomplish those goals and immediately replace them with new goals so you’re always striving for something. It’s all about the work for me.

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HelloBeautiful: Well, it’s obvious that you work hard. You’re also a photographer…

Lance Gross: I’ve always been into photography. I’ve always been fascinated by pictures. And it kinda goes hand-in-hand with filmmaking. I also want to direct later on. I ‘ve just always been into capturing moments. So I’ve been into photography since I was in high school. I’ve taken electives in school, so I’ve studied it. And I think this year I really started taking it more seriously. I’m on hiatus from “House Of Payne,” so it gives me something to do. So I picked up a camera and got a studio here in Hollywood and I shoot on my free time.

HelloBeautiful: We love the Janet Jackson-inspired photoshoot with Teyana Taylor!

Lance Gross: I set up the shoot with Teyana Taylor, who’s a good friend of mine. The Janet Jackson thing wasn’t even planned. It just happened that she has some shorts and we just decided to do it. Her hair was already in curls. So somebody-I don’t even remember who mentioned it while we were shooting-we just decided to do it.

HelloBeautiful: This is random, but do you remember your worst kiss?

Lance Gross: I was filming a video. I won’t say what video or who it was. I had this scene where I had to kiss this girl. We had just came off lunch. Her breath was so bad. Like it was really bad. I almost threw up. So we’re kissing, and I have this thing called “sticky spit–” so we pulled apart, and there was a sting of her saliva stuck to my lip. And when it snapped, it snapped back on me. So now it’s on my lip. So it’s a combination of her breath and saliva. I like to describe it as, excuse me, sh*t out of water.

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