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Tamar and Vince just can’t get it together. Last night after arguing for the remainder of their Hawaiian vacation, the beef spilled over into their home. Vince was still upset that Tamar left him in the hospital alone for a few hours when he was sick and Tamar was feeling unappreciated as a wife. Tamar called Vince jealous because she was still able to drink and do fun things that Vince can’t do anymore due to his sickness. Awkward…

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Clearly, they needed help! Friends–LaShawn and April–accompanied Tamar and Vince to therapy for support. The therapist concluded that the main issue was that Vince and Tamar did not communicate well and hardly ever listened to each other. Trying to keep the peace, Tamar apologized to Vince for leaving him in the hospital. Vince wasn’t fully satisfied but still accepted it. The couple ended their therapy session by agreeing to work on their issues, and Tamar said that she would try to not go off on Vince as much anymore.

The next big issue they needed to tackle was Miracle. As you know, Tamar isn’t too fond of Miracle, so when they got back to their house and saw that Miracle was out of control, Tamar told Vince that it was time for his dog to go to obedience school.  Once they dropped Miracle off at the fancy doggie hotel, it was time to get some work done. Tamar was getting ready for a photo shoot for a fashion magazine but when she arrived on set, she wasn’t happy with the clothes or the stylist. Typical Tamar. The stylist almost lost his job when he told Vince that he didn’t want Tamar Braxton to ruin his brand! Of course, in typical Tamar fashion, after hearing what the stylist said, she was ready to pull up several seats for him to have and assist him in getting his life. After Tamar calmed down, she finished the photo shoot like a pro, and the pictures came out great!

Next, it was time to pick up Miracle from obedience school. It looked like obedience school was a good thing for all parties involved, because when Miracle returned home, he had a doggie car AND a doggie iPad! Miracle, you are one fly dog!  Things with Tamar and Vince seemed to be going well over the past few days, from the photo shoot, to deciding to send Miracle to obedience school, it looked like the couple was communicating better already. Tamar still felt that Vince wasn’t over the fact that she left him in the hospital, even though she apologized during their last therapy session. The doctor decided that it was time to dig deeper into Vince’s family history and found that Vince was still heartbroken over losing his parents at an early age. The therapist concluded that his feelings of abandonment are what may be causing the disconnect in his own marriage. Interesting, will Vince and Tamar get their relationship back on track?

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