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AKOO Clothing Co. In Conjunction With GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir Presents The 2nd Annual 'A King Of Oneself Brunch'

This week on “Tiny & T.I: The Family Hustle,” Tiny decided that after visiting her father who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, it was time to do some things that she always wanted to do in her life. She created a bucket list, and brought her bestie Shekinah on board to help complete it. Of course, Shekinah was down for whatever, so she jumped on deck without hesitation. Together, they came up with a list that included: riding an 18-wheeler, being homeless for a day and having a “white person’s relationship.” Although these tasks seemed a little random and far-fetched, they decided that they would complete at least three tasks right away because “you never know when it’s your time to go.”  First up on the bucket list was fishing.

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Tiny, Shekinah, Major and T.I. headed over to the dock in their backyard for some seafood fun!Unfortunately, their fishing trip ended quickly because neither Shekinah nor Tiny could hook the worm or keep their fishing lines untangled. Sadly, the first task on the bucket list was a fail, so they moved onto the next one: having a pet monkey.

They quickly changed their mind about having the monkey as a pet. The monkey tried to bite Tiny and pull Niq Niq’s hair which is the ultimate no no!

It was “on to the next one…rock climbing. “No regrets, I’m just gonna go for it!” Tiny said, and with that, the girls were off, and climbed all the way to the top of the wall! Even though they were scared, they finally completed something on their list!

Meanwhile, T.I was busy trying to teach his privileged children street smarts after noticing that none of his boys could fight or play basketball, which was a huge problem for the King of the South. “Y’all didn’t grow up in the ghetto, that’s why you can’t play no sports!”, T.I told his kids.

He decided that he would set the kids up with a boxing lesson so they could learn some valuable life lessons that T.I. learned from being on the streets. “When life knocks you down, clean your scab…and get back up.”

During the lesson, the kids were taught the fundamentals of boxing and started their workout with jump roping. T.I was proud to watch his children working at something new, even his youngest, Major, who although told his dad that he couldn’t do it, fought through his tears, picked himself back up and tried again.

At the end of the day, Tiny and T.I had some alone time to discuss her bucket list. Tiny was nervous that she wasn’t living her life to the fullest, but didn’t think that she needed a bucket list anymore. She already had everything she could ever want! “I have a great husband, beautiful kids. I mean my life is full of joy, happiness and everything I really want!” Tiny said. Sounds like the perfect life!

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