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Ladies and gentlemen, Draya has officially reached her breaking point with Jackie Christie. On last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives: LA,” after Jackie called Draya a “H*e” for the “nineteenth time,” Draya was ready to swing!

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After that disaster, Bambi and Jackie had lunch to discuss the fight. For some reason, Bambi and Jackie formed a special bond, and Bambi was convinced that Jackie was somehow her long lost auntie. She and Jackie agreed that Draya had a need to be liked by everybody. Jackie decided that she was officially done with Draya, and that if they were to ever be friends again, Draya would have to get on her knees and beg for her forgiveness. “You’re nothing, Draya. I’m everything.” Crickets

Draya, Brooke and their kids got together for a fun family day at Skyzone. Draya thought it would be nice to introduce her son to Brooke’s three children, who happened to be teenagers! I was definitely shocked to find out that Brooke not only had three children, but teenaged children! Hot mamas!

While the kids played, Draya and Brooke had some time to talk about the fight. Draya explained that Jackie pushed her to her breaking point. She called her “one too many ho’s” and tried to tease her with the lollipop, the taunting, and just breathing. Draya had no intention on making amends with Jackie, and didn’t even want to be in the same room with her ever again. It looks like Jackie will never get that heart felt apology from Draya after all.

Later, during Bambi’s showcase, Jackie showed up in some type of Glory/marching band/1850’s hooker costume but none-the-less, she was ready to party. When Bambi got on stage to perform, all of the ladies were jamming to Bambi’s songs, except Jackie. Something about rappers dancing around in glittery booty shorts reminded Jackie of “all the fun she used to have with her mom” and she instantly started crying in the middle of the club. “It was really Bambi’s show, and there was a moment that Jackie was ignored and she had to bring it back in to the Jackie show,” Malaysia said.

After the show, Malaysia officially had enough. She met with Draya and Bambi to talk, and Draya found the whole thing disrespectful to Bambi. “Go home and have your Jackie moment,” Draya said and Malaysia agreed. I wonder what Bambi thinks about her Auntie Jackie now.

After the Jackie fiasco, Malaysia wasn’t sure if she was going to attend Jackie’s 198th wedding anymore. She felt like Jackie was disrespectful to her, especially since it was Malaysia’s idea to bring Jackie back into the circle in the first place. Even though she was on the fence about attending the wedding, she still wanted to go vintage wedding dress shopping with Laura and Bambi just for fun. While the girls were trying on costumes, Laura revealed that she might not go to Jackie’s wedding, despite the fact that Jackie asked her to be her maid of honor and Laura in so many words accepted. Bambi thought it was rude that Laura was pretending to be Jackie’s friend but in reality didn’t care about her at all. At that point, it looked like Bambi could possibly be the only friend/maid of honor/flower girl/congregation that Jackie had for her wedding. Tough love.

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