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You emailed us and as promised, we answered. Check out this week’s Strand Therapy Q&A for natural hair. Keep the questions coming. Be sure to send them to strandtherapy@gmail.com. We love this stuff!


Please help me. I have been trying to go natural like we used to do in the early 70’s. You know, by just putting grease and water on my hair and rolling it with sponge rollers. Help!


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Hi Christine.

Step away from the grease sponge rollers. I’m going to assume your hair is at least chin or shoulder length since you’re using rollers. I’m also going to assume you like curls. So you have plenty of great styling options. Here are my recommendation if you like naturally textured styles or smoother/straighter styles with curls.

  1. 1st shampoo your hair with a sulfate free shampoo like Design Essentials®Natural Curl Cleanser.
  2. Then condition your hair with a conditioner like Express Instant Moisturizing Conditioner (which is absolutely amazing! It softens and detangles in minutes).
  3. For additional nourishment & protection, spray HCO Leave-In Conditioner onto your strands.

Now my styling recommendations for naturally textured styles. Apply Design Essentials®Natural Twist & Set Setting to damp hair. Braid or twist your hair in medium to large sections. Roll your ends using a SATIN roller or perm rod. Sit under a dryer until your hair is completely dry. Remove the rollers or rods. Untwist or unbraid your hair. Then fluff to your desired fullness.

Now my styling recommendations for smoother/straighter styles with curls–blow dry hair straight using an ionic blow dryer. Next, straighten and style your hair using ceramic or titanium thermal styling iron.

For a full demonstration, check out this styling video from Design Essentials:   http://www.designessentials.com/about-us/videos/clips-3b-barrelcurl

Here’s to healthy, happy hair!

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