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I think it’s safe to say that Jackie Christie is desperate for friendship and in the latest episode of “Basketball Wives: LA”, she continued her quest for acceptance in the “circle.” She met up with Laura AGAIN to talk about her lunch with Draya that did not go well. Obviously, Jackie was hurt that Draya walked out during their conversation, and ran to the arms of Laura who told her: “Honestly, I wouldn’t give a s— if anybody walked out on a lunch with me,” and this is exactly why Laura is my favorite!

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Laura had some problems of her own, she and Gloria met up to play basketball and also talk about their issues. Apparently, the girls had not spoken to each other in eight months, and they were both wondering what caused the drift in their relationship. Laura thought it was nuts that Gloria was willing to follow Matt around wherever he went but Gloria didn’t see anything wrong with picking up her family to move with her man. Laura also revealed that she was angry with her for a while because she didn’t reach out to her and she put her career ahead of everything, including her. Gloria, on the other hand, was angry because after breaking up with Matt she endured a miscarriage and had no one to lean on but herself.  “That s— hurts my heart,” Gloria told her sister. There “sisterly” talk was WAY overdue, and judging by the tears during this conversation, they were definitely sorry and missed each other. They vowed to never let anything like that happen again, kissed, hugged and made up.

Since Gloria was leaving town for a couple months to begin her film career, Laura decided to throw her a going away party and invite all of the girls, including Jackie and the new addition to the circle, Bambi. The party wasn’t just Gloria’s going away extravaganza, it was also a chance for Jackie to invite all of the girls to her 2365873th wedding and ask Laura to be her maid of honor (awkward). “The fact that she thinks that I am her friend blows me away,” Laura said after Jackie asked her to be in her wedding. Gee Laura, tell us how you really feel.

Things got real when Jackie decided to use that opportunity to address Draya about walking out of their lunch a couple days ago. Jackie suggested that they try to have lunch again to talk about everything, but Draya was fed up with Jackie’s antics. Draya wanted Jackie to stop treating her like her “daughter, kid, or stuffed animal”, she wanted respect. Jackie tapped danced on Draya’s last nerve when she pulled out a lollipop and handed it to Draya as a “peace offering”. “She’s not pushing my buttons right now??” Draya asked the girls.

Jackie responded with, “You’re a ho’!” which must have been Draya’s breaking point. “After the nineteenth ‘ho,’ b—h, I’m gonna f—n’ get at you,” Draya said as she stood up. Chaos erupted, Jackie swung, Draya swung, Malaysia got hit and we were left picking our jaws up off the floor. SMH.

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